Lochavens Rottweilers has been importing, training , breeding and showing some of the finest German rottweilers since 1992. As rottweiler breeders, we have built our reputation by searching out the very best rottweiler bloodlines for show and for work. Typically the majority of rottweiler kennels in the U.S. purchase their rottweilers from Europe that have already been titled and shown. We pride ourselves in being one of the few rottweiler kennels in the U.S. that has had success in winning regional and national events with our own dogs that we have bred, titled and shown from Lochavens kennel.

Over the past several years I have held several leadership positions: 3 years as ARV President, President of Utah's Working Rottweiler Verein and certified DVG helper. Through these experiences and intense research by being active in working and show events, we feel Lochavens Rottweilers can provide families with solid working , show or companion rottweilers.